Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (€15)
Translation by Orit Sen-Gupta

Patanjalis yoga Sutras by Orit Sen Gupta

Vayu’s Gate by Orit Sen-Gupta (€15)

Vayu's Gate Orit Sen Gupta

Het kleine yogaboekje door Orit Sen-Gupta  (€20)


A Little Book of Yoga by Orit Sen-Gupta (€15)


The Heart of Practice by Orit Sen-Gupta (€11)

Vijnana Yoga Practice Manual by Orit Sen-Gupta  (€11)

Vijnana Yoga Practice Manual for Beginners by Orit Sen-Gupta  (€8)

Yoga Mat –
lightweight and easy to carry around (€25)


Joy-a-Toes – to help you connect to your feet (€30)

Joy a Toes