Please read this before coming to the studio.

You are welcome to come between 15 and 5 minutes before class starts in order to change and make yourself comfortable.  If you come earlier, you may disturb the savasana of the class before.  If you would like to have a meeting with the teacher, please make an appointment.

Please be mindful of other students who wish to start their practice as soon as they enter the studio.  Conversations can be held outside the practice room.  Please turn off your phone.  You can bring your valuables inside the room.

You are requested to bring your own yoga mat – for reasons of hygiene, energy and ecology.  If you don’t have one, you can borrow one the first time.  If you do borrow a mat, please clean it after use.  You are welcome to use cushions, belts and blankets made available.  Kindly put them away neatly, think of the person who will be using them next.

For those who like perfume or strongly scented lotions and cremes, please apply these only after class.

For those who smoke, kindly ensure that your clothes are freshly aired, this includes overcoat and yoga clothes and mat.  Please refrain from smoking shortly before the class.

If you have any concerns or injuries, inform the teacher before the class.

Choose the type of class card or payment that is appropriate for your needs.
It is not possible to pay by pin, so please bring cash.

You are invited to share tea after class.

Enjoy your yoga practice.
“In order to enjoy your practice, you need to practice.”